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Brighten Your Holidays with a Christmas Light Installation

Holiday lighting is a great way to make this holiday season feel merrier. In fact, installing Christmas lights may have even more impact this year because some of your usual activities have probably been restricted. Let us help you brighten your holidays with a beautiful custom light installation that’s also easy and affordable.

Brighten Your Holidays with a Christmas Light Installation

Do It for Yourself:

You and your family may be spending more time at home this holiday season. Festive Christmas lights can make your celebrations more exciting and help you to stay hopeful. Brightening up your surroundings encourages a positive outlook. Your family will be able to enjoy all the fun things you can do together at home from baking cookies to watching your favorite Christmas movies.

Do It for Your Neighbors:

We’ll all be better off if we can find ways to spread good cheer around our neighborhoods this Christmas. Each time your neighbors walk or drive by, they’ll get a happy greeting from your holiday lights. It’s the kind thing to do, especially for people at higher risk who have to stay close to home, and for children who often have a harder time understanding that current conditions are temporary.

All this holiday cheer is safe, convenient, and affordable too. We’ll talk with you to decide on a lighting design perfect for your home, and then we do all the work. We even come back to take your lights down and store them until next year. You also enjoy a discount on decorating and maintenance after the first year because your lights will be paid off.

This may be a busy season for holiday lighting, so contact us today at Patriot Services in the DFW area to book a date. The sooner we get started, the better we can work together to plan a Christmas light installation that you and your neighbors will love.

5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Around Your Home

Your home is your palace, and as such, it should look the part. Sadly though, most people concentrate much on the interior of their homes, neglecting the outside. Pressure washing is a deep cleaning method where they use pressurized water to clean the exterior of your home. It is one of the best ways of cleaning when it comes to fences, driveways, and even the roofs.  Let us check out some benefits of pressure washing around your home.

5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Around Your Home


Improves General Health

Did you know that mildew and mold could have some grave health issues? Removing them will go a great way to reduce this health hazard and leave you living healthy. Plus, if someone has allergies, it is imperative to consider pressure washing the home to ease the situation.

Increases the Value of your Home

If perhaps you are considering putting your house on sale, pressure washing the exterior will go a long way to increase the value of your home and make it even more appealing to your potential buyer. A clean house with a well-kept exterior impresses buyers and sells quickly.

Prevent Damages

When elements and moisture are left to build up over time, it eventually causes damage to the exterior surfaces. The damage could get permanent if left to sit for long periods. Pressure washing helps to avoid permanent damage, allowing you to enjoy your home comfortably.

Saves Money

A home is a vital investment that needs protection at all costs. It needs to be repainted at times to keep it looking the part. Regular pressure washing may save you from repeat painting. Pressure washing is a lot cheaper as compared to repainting.

Eco- friendly

Everybody is now looking for more environmentally friendly ways of doing things. Pressure washing does not only keep your household safe and healthy but so does your environment.

Pressure washing is one of the best ways to maintain your home.  You can do this at least once a year. Contact us for more information if you want to hire the services of a professional.

The Benefits of Soft Washing

There are times when your house looks a little grimy, but you are unsure about having it pressure washed. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way with power washing in order to clean it. You can take a gentler route in cleaning your home’s exterior with soft washing. There are many benefits to soft washing your home.

The Benefits of Soft Washing

Power washing is defined mostly by the pressure the water is under. It typically sprays out water and solution at 750 to 30,000 psi, which blasts away any unwanted dirt and grime.

Soft washing, however, uses an electric sprayer that pumps out water and solution at 40 to 80 psi. Soft washing also often uses more gentle cleaning chemicals, such as biodegradable disinfecting solutions.

This lighter touch means soft washing is good for more fragile materials, such as asphalt roof shingles. It also allows a sprayer to apply less of a chemical solution to a spot. That will lift away the offending grime while still babying the house.

As you might imagine, this lighter touch is useful when you have algae growing on a relatively fragile material. It will remove the unsightly spots without chipping the paint.

You should also consider soft washing the moment you see mold and mildew in or on the house. Mold and mildew can trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory problems. Mildew-laden and moldy siding also attract pests such as termites by giving them food and housing.

Then there are more aesthetic reasons to use the process. Soft washing can leave your home looking shiny and new for a long time which makes it a good thing to do when you are considering selling your house or when you first move in. It will increase the curb appeal for potential buyers and your guests.

Another house that could use soft washing is one that has suffered several months of severe weather. Storms and severe winds can deposit dirt on your home and make it look shabby. The gentle cleaning will spruce up your house, lifting the mood of everyone around it.

Fortunately, Patriot Services pride themselves in their soft washing skills, and we will do our best to efficiently and effectively use it to clean your home. For more information, contact us

Gutter Cleaning for Better Health

As a homeowner, gutter cleaning is one of those things you put on your list to do, and then continue to put-off doing. Here’s why you need gutter cleaning for better health.

Gutter Cleaning for Better Health

Molds & Allergens & Diseases

While you might just think harmless leaves are in your gutter, there’s actually pools of stagnant water right next to your roof and your walls. Mold grows all too easily. Even in a teaspoon of water with another teaspoon close by, mold will grow and spread rapidly.

Some molds are relatively harmless, but others are awful for your health, especially your lungs. When water just sits there in your gutter and grows mold, the mold will spread into your house, and you might not know it until years later when it’s seeped through your ceilings and walls to the surface.

Allergens are certainly going to collect in your gutters, especially in the Spring and Summer when pollen collects everywhere it can. Plus, diseases can lie hidden in your gutters when they’re left unclean, which isn’t a good thought for anyone.

Spiders & Insects

Even if you’re not afraid of spiders and insects in your gutters, some of them can bite you, and some of them like to travel into your house, one way or another. Lots of bugs like the conditions of unclean gutters, and mosquitoes love the wet areas.

The cleaner your gutters, the less likely anything is going to want to live in them.

Nests & Infestations

Not only do mold and bugs like stagnant water, leaves, sticks, so do birds and rodents. Sure, the birds might be cute, but the pressure, movement, feces, and other things that come along with them isn’t cute at all.

Rodents such as mice and squirrel may also find refuge in your unclean gutter, and the more they infest, the more likely there are to make their way into your attic or crawl space and find another nest.

Ready to stop putting-off having your gutters cleaned by professionals? Contact us today!

Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a great material to use for siding your home. It is lightweight, impact resistant, and it is quite affordable to boot. However, it doesn’t matter what you side your home with. If it is exposed to the outdoors, it will be exposed to dirt and moisture. Over time, the dirt will affect the appearance of your home and the moisture may even cause it to grow algae, mold, or mildew.

Is It Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

The solution to dirty siding for some is to grab a scrub brush and go to town. However, after scrubbing a few square feet, you will definitely be considering hiring someone to come out and pressure wash the rest of it because scrubbing is a lot like work. However, can vinyl siding stand up to the water pressure? The answer is a resounding yes.

While it is true that a high level of water pressure can cause some fading and ugly scarring on vinyl siding, but this only happens when those inexperienced with a pressure washer try to do it. When you choose a professional service to come pressure wash your vinyl siding, they know exactly what pressure to use and what technique works best to remove dirt from those tough ridges. Furthermore, a technician will use lower water pressure, but are aided by a landscaping-safe cleaning solution added to the water that dissolves dirt, algae, mold, mildew, and cobwebs. In effect, a professional pressure washer can clean your home in a couple of hours, saving you a lot of potentially back-breaking work.

If your vinyl siding is looking a little rugged and you don’t fancy a day of scrubbing added onto your to-do list, contact us today. Patriot Services can get siding made of any material and even your windows perfectly clean in a fraction of the time.

What Are the Benefits of Gutter Cleaning?


Your home’s gutters are a very important part of the general structure of the house. However, to enjoy the benefits  of gutter cleaning that they offer, you have to clean them regularly. With that said, here are some reasons why you should hire professionals to clean your gutters.

What Are the Benefits of Gutter Cleaning?


Your home’s gutters prevent water during the rainy season from getting stagnant on the roofs and on the walls, which can lead to mold in your home.


Gutters collect rainwater and prevent annoying splashes on porches and patios. They prevent the facade from getting dirty and stained. When not cleaned, gutters will collect everything along with water: moss, dust, dirt, but also more voluminous remains of dead birds to plastic bags and tree limbs.


Normal gutter maintenance is easy and comes down to cleaning to avoid clogging. You should also do preventive cleaning both in the fall and spring.


Failure to clean gutters will cause moisture stains to appear on the inside and outside of your home, causing mold growth and other structural problems. Professional gutter cleaners will first clean your gutters to remove all debris, then wash the channels with a hose that has enough pressure to finish flushing the dirt out.


The previous cleaning step you must do several times a year because in most cases leaves and sticks are difficult to remove. Your cleaning company might also have to remove pieces of the gutters to remove the dirt. Avoiding to hire professionals to properly clean your gutters causes the moisture to stay there and cause the channels to rust, rot, and corrode. If there is rust inside the channels, they must be removed and replaced, or use special roofing cement to coat the entire surface so that it doesn’t rust again.

For more information about gutter cleaning services, please contact us.

4 Costly DIY Window Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Making mistakes while washing your windows can be surprisingly pricey. Look out for these accidental window cleaning mistakes:

4 Costly DIY Window Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1. Scratching the Glass

Professionals often use scraping tools or razor blades to detail home windows. Now that professional tools are often easy to find on the marketplace, DIYers with good intentions but little training can scratch their windows. These tools require a lot of precision, experience, and knowledge of what angle works best for different stains and muck. It’s like trying a straight razor shave on your face without training.

Even without the use of these sharp tools, abrasive pads and cleaners can also scratch up glass window surfaces.

2. Puncturing the Seal

Around the edge of your window, you might find caulk, adhesive, and other seals. As you scrub away dirt stuck around the edge, it can start peeling up and uncovering the components below. These holes can allow moisture into the walls. While this won’t lead to the infamous air leak between vacuum-sealed panes of glass, it can cause other long-term problems.

3. Missing Hard to Reach Spots

It’s often simple enough to clean windows on the ground floor. But second-story windows, accent windows near raised ceilings, and skylights are too tricky to safely get to. You can hose them down from afar (and this can cause even more problems we’ll discuss later), but that will leave behind splotches and anything too tough for water alone to cleanse away.

4. Damaging the Surroundings If You Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing your windows is a great solution, but only if you hire a professional. Every surface needs — or more importantly, can handle — a certain psi. The soft siding surrounding your windows is more vulnerable than your windows, which, in turn, may be vulnerable to the default setting you use on your driveway.

Don’t worry about making these window cleaning mistakes. Instead, call Patriot Services for a hassle-free window cleaning appointment. Our team will leave your windows sparkling clean without a trace of damage.

Why Should I Choose Patriot Services for My Gutter Maintenance?

If you’re shifting through this blog, chances are you may in need of gutter maintenance, a job that can easily be tackled by our professional services.

Why Should I Choose Patriot Services for My Gutter Maintenance?

Why choose professional gutter cleaning services?

Well, aside from the fact that you’ll be saving yourself some trouble and elbow grease, you can rest assured that your gutters will receive thorough inspection and maintenance, granting you peace of mind. We know what a gutter should look like and how it should perform. Failure to maintain gutters isn’t just a minor issue to overlook. Neglected gutters can cause several issues down the line such as pest accumulation, water damage to your home, and even broken gutters. Gutters are often overlooked, so it’s no surprise when these issues happen. We understand that sometimes one may lack either the ability or time to deal with such maintenance. This doesn’t excuse neglected gutters, though. If you lack the time, ability, or desire to perform the tedious task, it pays to hire a professional to deal with the issue for you! It saves, quite literally, to get your gutters cleaned before these issues arise.

Why should I choose Patriot Services?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Patriot Services is a veteran-owned local business that’s been in the trade since 2015 and operates in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Patriot Services has been received with an abundance of praise by the communities which they serve. In fact, Patriot Services boasts a plethora of positive reviews from extremely satisfied customers. Patriot Services is the professional service that stands out from the competitors in terms of work ethic, experience, and ability. To top it off, you’ll be supporting both the well-being of your own home and veteran-owned local business. If you’re ready to save yourself some issues down the line, support veteran-owned business, and reside in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, contact us.

Pressure Washing Makes Your Driveway More Fun

Driveways have become a hub of neighborhood activity since people are spending more time sheltering at home. There’s no easy answer to many of the changes that COVID-19 has caused in our lives. However, you can keep your driveway and the exterior of your home looking good with professional pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Makes Your Driveway More Fun

How to Have More Fun in Your Driveway:

It’s amazing what people are doing with their driveways these days. Neighbors can go out at the same time in the evening and raise a toast to community happy hours. Music lovers can provide free entertainment with concerts and karaoke. Some families are using their driveways as a venue for proms and graduations. Some artists are creating temporary masterpieces in chalk. Maybe you have a talent you want to share or a family event to celebrate. If not, you can still use your driveway to grill or carry on with other daily activities. To keep things neighborly, be sure to think about how any noises or odors will affect others. If in doubt, ask first so everyone can agree on hours and activities.

How to Make Your Driveway Look as Good as New:

You’ll be amazed by the difference that professional power washing can make. We can remove years of spots, spills, and stains that never budged no matter how many times you tried to clean them yourself. Don’t be afraid to go ahead and put your driveway on display. There won’t be anything to be embarrassed about so you can relax and have a good time. Enjoy some fun outdoor activities in the safety of your own home. If you connect with your neighbors and spread a little good cheer, that’s a nice bonus.

Contact us at Patriot Services for pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and holiday lighting. We are a veteran owned and operated company serving the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

3 Benefits of Professional Residential Window Cleaning

Having clean windows has a few obvious benefits. You won’t have to worry about the task yourself and the windows look better. But have you ever considered the three following benefits of having professional residential window cleaning done? Probably not.

3 Benefits of Professional Residential Window Cleaning

1. Increase Natural Lighting

Dirty windows don’t let in nearly enough light. Since windows generally get dirty over a long period of time, you might not even realize the natural lighting in your home has decreased. Once the windows are thoroughly cleaned, however, you won’t miss the stark contrast! More natural lighting means you can turn off artificial lighting during the day and save money on your electricity bills.

2. Create the Illusion of More Space

Clean windows work the same way as bright white walls do by offering the illusion of more space. Why is this important? Even the illusion of more space in your home can make it seem less cramped. When living spaces feel more open, the people living in your home are less likely to fight because they feel constricted.

3. Letting in the Sunshine… and Reaping the Benefits

Cleaner windows will let in more direct sunlight than dirty ones. It’s more than simply increasing natural lighting. Direct sunlight is great for your mental  health. It helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, which tells you when to sleep or wake. Increased exposure to sunlight has also been shown to ease the symptoms of depression, increase productivity, and promote creativity.  Cleaning your windows is an easy way to reap these astounding benefits.

Do You Have More Questions About Residential Window Cleaning?

There are many benefits to having professional residential window cleaning done, including some you’ve likely never thought about. If you have more questions about residential window cleaning, contact us today. One of our associates would be more than happy to answer any questions you still have.