Pressure Washing

Professional Power Washing Services

At Patriot Services, we use only professional equipment, effective chemicals, and efficient methods to achieve professional results! From concrete sidewalks to driveways to the exterior of your home, our pressure washing services provide amazing transformations for those hard surfaces that have been showing signs of filth for years and years. Our customers continue to be stunned by just how remarkable the difference is after our pressure washing has been applied.

Pressure Washing

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Washing

From the coffee and soda spills that have been decorating your driveway to the mold and mildew that has started growing on the front of your house, we welcome every tough job that comes our way. Before giving us a call, many of our customers had tried a lot of different chemicals and cleaning methods over the years and had given up hope on ever having that original curb appeal that they once had. However, after seeing the work that we did on a friend’s or neighbor’s house or one of our photos online, then they realized that professional pressure washing might just be the last ditch effort that they had been looking for!


We work with residential and commercial properties, cleaning hard surfaces of all different types. Whether your building is covered in siding, rock, brick, or any other similar material, our “soft washing” technique is the perfect solution for removing those dark spots that are covering your home and taking away from its beauty. If you are working on improving your home for your own personal enjoyment or in order to put it on the market, pressure washing is the ideal way to spruce things up all around the exterior of your home without breaking your back in the process. Simply pick up the phone and give us the pleasure of handling this big job for you!

Concrete Pressure Washing

If you are looking for a local pressure washing company that has solid five star reviews and a cleaning method that you can count on, then look no further than Patriot Services. We know that you will be pleased with the safe and effective pressure washing method that we always deliver!