3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Do Your Driveway And Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Taking care of your driveway and your sidewalks is incredibly important. These are areas of your property that are used often and are also exposed to a great deal. A great way to care for your sidewalks and driveway is to hire a professional to come and pressure wash them for you. Here are three benefits of hiring a professional to do your driveway and sidewalk pressure washing.

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Do Your Driveway And Sidewalk Pressure Washing

They Know How To Properly Clean Them 

Professionals know how to properly clean your sidewalks and driveways for you. This ensures that they are not only as clean as possible, but that they aren’t damaged by the pressure washer during the cleaning process. This is possible because the pressure washer can be adjusted to a safe level of pressure for your surfaces. Not only are the surfaces cleaned with pressurized water, but specialized cleaners will also be used that have been created to remove oil, dirt, debris, stains, etc.

They Can Help Extend The Life Of Your Driveway And Sidewalks

Having your driveway and sidewalk pressure washed by a professional can also help to extend their life. Damaging things like oil, salt, hard water, etc., will all be removed from your driveway, so that they are no longer able to deteriorate these surfaces. This lengthens the life of your surfaces by a great deal and can save you money in the long run.

You Reap The Benefits Without All The Work

When you hire a professional to complete your driveway and sidewalk pressure washing, you have the luxury of knowing that you don’t have to lift a finger. This is excellent because you get all the benefits of a pressure washed driveway and sidewalk, but without all the hard work. This allows you to free up your time to do other things that are on your to-do list.

To learn more benefits of hiring a professional to do your driveway and sidewalk pressure washing, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Patriot Services.

How House Soft Washing Speeds Up a Home Sale

When it comes to a checklist for selling a home at lightning speed, the key items relate to curb appeal. House soft washing eliminates the tedious and timely chores such as painting, replacing soffits and a new roof. With the light pressure of soft washing, you don’t need to worry about chipped painting that leads to touching up trims, doors and window frames. A gentle cleaning of the roof as part of an exterior home cleaning won’t harm the roofing material such as shingles.

How House Soft Washing Speeds Up a Home Sale

Letting the sunshine in

Exterior power washing safely removes dirt and dust on any exterior home surface such as wood, stucco and cement. It also leaves the windows sparkling clean, which immediately improves the view from any perspective. Along with professional house soft washing techniques on the exterior of the home, make sure to clean the interior windows before listing home for sale. Homebuyers prefer homes with a lot of natural light.

Freshening up the landscaping

From the sidewalks and driveway to the landscaping edging, fences, walkways and patios, every surface that needs to be washed requires a different pressure. When selling a home, some people put in all new plants and edging such as bricks and decorative landscaping edging. But a more cost-effective and quicker strategy to sell or rent a home without added work and money is pressure washing the existing edging while weeding and pruning away the dead branches.

Improving the outdoor living areas

Potential homebuyers and renters care about curb appeal, but they also want to spend time in outdoor living spaces. A soft washing with effective chemicals and are safe works well on decks and pool areas. Look for professionals that use biodegradable disinfecting solutions to remove algae, stains and spots that detract from the outdoor living area’s original charm and beauty.

When people decide to sell or rent out a home these days, it’s often out of necessity. For those working on a tight budget, it’s never been more important to prioritize the home improvement checklist starting with the most cost-effective that results in a greater return on investment. Don’t make the common DIY mistake of pressure washing the wrong surfaces with too high of a pressure resulting in chipping and damage when time is already of the essence.

Patriot Services is a veteran-owned premium pressure washing service you can depend on for your power washing, gutter cleaning and exterior home cleaning needs. We are proud to serve homeowners and business owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For more information about our efficient methods to clean hard surfaces of all types, please contact us today.

Should I Soft Wash the Exterior of My Home?

Many people are unaware of the differences between typical pressure washing and a soft wash. Sometimes a big job calls for the full force of power washing but, often enough, soft washing will work well for homes in need of some appealing restoration.  Here at Patriot Services, we specialize in a variety of pressure washing services, including soft washing, that are sure to benefit your home!

Should I Soft Wash the Exterior of My Home?

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing allows you to have the exterior of your house cleaned without having to worry about too much water pressure causing damage to your home. There are specific types of nozzles utilized as well as cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and gentle on all surfaces. Soft washing can clean a multitude of surfaces, such as decks or fences, though it is widely used when cleaning the exterior of homes due to its ability to make houses look brand new again!

Why Should I Choose Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a simple and efficient way to clean the exterior of your home. Since it is gentler on surfaces, it can wipe away dirt, grime, and moss without causing any underlying damage. Hiring professionals to clean the exterior of your house saves you the time and effort of trying to do it yourself. At Patriot Services, we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the more important things in life.

When Would I Use Soft Washing Services?

Many people choose to utilize soft washing services when they want to spruce up their home or reclaim it from the elements. When homeowners decide to move, they may want to have the outside of their home soft washed to give it that brand-new look that interests potential buyers. Other people may have noticed that the weather has taken its toll on their home over time and usually want to clean off the grime and dirt for their own personal satisfaction. Whatever your reason for wanting to try soft washing on your home, Patriot Services can lend a helping hand!

If you reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are interested in receiving our soft wash services from our trained professionals, please contact us today! We would love to work with you!

Beyond Aesthetics: Why Pressure Washing Matters for Health

Some people keep up with their yearly pressure washing for better curb appeal. In the current day and age, though, it’s not just about aesthetics but health. Algae, mold, grime, mildew, oil stains and bird droppings can lead to serious health issues in a community.

Beyond Aesthetics: Why Pressure Washing Matters for Health

Pressure washing isn’t just for your driveway. It’s also for cleaner homes and sidewalks in a neighborhood. And, maintaining a property is an easy way to be a good neighbor. Even if your homeowner association doesn’t pressure you to take care of unsightly stains and grime, set an example of cleanliness for the neighborhood. After a professional pressure washing company restores your driveway and home to its pristine and clean condition, relax and feel the satisfaction of crossing the chore off the honey-do list.

Attracting neighbors who invest

Professional pressure washing services don’t leave the unsightly streaks left by well-intended homeowners without the right equipment for the job. When everyone in the neighborhood starts to maintain their homes, exterior home cleaning and driveway pressure washing raises property values. New residents feel compelled to invest in improvements and renovations. Consider the domino effect of making the small investment in upkeep.

Preventing property damage

Many people don’t realize that neglected homes lead to property damage over time. As soon as you spot mold, mildew, algae and other stains, it’s a sign for routine pressure washing. Experts use different tools and methods with different kinds of materials and sidings. Soft pressure washing protects the paint jobs of homes as well as decorative stamped concrete.

Mold, mildew and other stains often trigger allergies and other health concerns. Don’t wait until you are ready to sell your home to call a professional pressure washing service. Driveway and sidewalk pressure washing and soft washing homes to remove dark spots and mildew helps protect your family from health problems including asthma.

Other ways to improve the health of your property is with regular gutter cleaning. Remember to regularly clean your mailbox and trash cans as well. Business owners also benefit from regular exterior cleaning because clients and customers are apprehensive to enter establishments that don’t seem healthy and safe.

At Patriot Services, we are veteran owned and operated pressure washing company. We are proud to serve homeowners and business owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. For more information on gutter cleaning, professional holiday lighting installation and pressure washing, please contact us.

3 Great Reasons To Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned

Having your gutters cleaned regularly by a professional is an excellent way to make sure that they stay in good condition and perform the drainage tasks that you need them to. Here are three great reasons to have your gutters professionally cleaned.

3 Great Reasons To Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned

Prevent Damage To Your Foundation

One great reason to have your gutters professionally cleaned is to prevent damage to your foundation. When your gutters are full of debris and water, this water then leaks out of them. However, rather than emptying out at the spout where it is supposed to, it will leak out and surround your home with water. This can cause your foundation to become weakened and can create cracks and other issues for you.

Stop Damage To Your Gutters 

When you hire someone to clean all of your gutters, this can help prevent damage from occurring to them. Gutters that are full of debris, water, etc., can start to crack and can eventually even break off your wall entirely. These types of repairs can be expensive to fix and are generally a big headache for you. However, having your gutters cleaned is much more cost effective and can prevent this from happening.

Avoid Attracting Rodents 

Lastly, by taking the time to clean out all of your gutters, you are helping to avoid problems with rodents. When rodents see a gutter that is full of debris, they see this as a place for them to make their home. This can cause issues for you because these rodents may cause damage to your gutters and may eventually try to get into your home. Keeping your gutters clean will ensure that they aren’t appealing to rodents.

To learn of more great reasons to have your gutters professionally cleaned, or to hire a professional to clean your gutters today, visit us at Patriot Services.

2 Awesome Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Holiday Lights

If you are excited for the holiday season and have a desire to get all of your exterior holiday lights up, then you should definitely hire a professional for the job. There are professionals out there who will gladly install all of your exterior holiday lights for you and all you have to do is call them and set up an appointment. Here are two awesome reasons to hire a professional to install your holiday lights.

2 Awesome Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Holiday Lights

You Don’t Have To Lift A Finger

When you hire a professional to install your holiday lights for you, there is very little that you have to do. You will basically be in charge of supervising the project and making sure the professionals know what you’d like your holiday lights to look like. They will do everything from checking to make sure your lights are working, to getting on the very peak of your roof to make sure all of your lights are properly attached. This is a lot of work, and knowing that you don’t have to do it yourself can be very relieving for you.

It Is Your Safest Option

Getting up on a ladder and then onto your roof to hang up your holiday lights can be a very dangerous task. This is made even more dangerous if you don’t have experience with being up high and you feel nervous. When you hire a professional to install your lights, you are much safer because you won’t be the one doing the climbing. They will instead be the ones getting on the ladder and climbing across your roof, but because they have a lot of training and experience, they know how to stay safe.

To learn more awesome reasons to hire a professional to install your lights for you, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Patriot Services.

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Washing: Safety & Prevention

Driveway and sidewalk pressure washing is necessary to ensure the safety of your exterior walking and driving surfaces, as well as for the prevention of costly damages. Let’s explore why.

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Washing: Safety & Prevention


Mold, dirt, moss, algae, bird droppings and vehicle fluid residues, such as oil, continuously collect on home driveways and sidewalks. As this stuff collects into the small holes of concrete or asphalt, the surface becomes smoother and much less porous. As a result, the traction designed for safe walking and driving slowly erodes.

Over time, the surfaces can become very slick — and dangerous! Slick sidewalks lead to falling down, especially during inclement weather, and slick driveways can lead to sliding tires. Pressure washing keeps your exterior concrete and/or asphalt surfaces porous and safe, the way they were designed.


The build-up of dirt and other substances not only creates slick exterior walking and driving surfaces, the gunk also expands their sealant and structural joints. Expansion also occurs when the seeds from weeds, grass, and trees develop roots under concrete or asphalt soil. Joint expansion then leads to significant surface damage, such as cracks and holes with sprouting weeds and grass, which can be very costly to repair.

Pressure washing prevents this damage from occurring, before rooting even has a chance to start.

Home Interior Safety & Prevention

Pressure washing your home driveway and sidewalks keeps the surfaces clean. Consider how often you walk on these surfaces, and how quickly the same mold, dirt, moss, pollen, and other allergens can get into your home, simply from the soles of your shoes. The unsafe substances can also get into your home interior through your HVAC unit.

Keeping your driveway and sidewalks clean creates a cleaner, safer home environment, from the outside-in.

To schedule your appointment for professional pressure washing services, including driveway and sidewalk power washing, in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX area, contact us today!

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Gutters

When it comes to caring for your gutters, it is often in your best interest to hire a professional to do the job for you. Here are three reasons why.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Gutters

It Is Your Safest Option

Perhaps the best reason to hire a professional to clean your gutters for you is because it is by far the safest option. Anytime you are climbing high on a ladder, you risk falling down and hurting yourself. This risk is increased if you are using tools to try to clean your gutters. In contrast, a professional will be well-trained on how to maintain a high level of safety, while at the same time successfully cleaning your gutters.

They Provide A Full Inspection 

If your gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while, it is probably very important that they have a full inspection. Thankfully, this is something that is provided when you hire a professional to clean your gutters. As they are going along all of your gutters and cleaning them out, they will be looking for any issues with your gutters, such as cracks, holes, disconnected gutters, etc. If they do find an issue, they will let you know right away and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix it for you.

They Get The Job Done Quickly

When a professional is hired to clean your gutters for you, they will be able to get the job done in a very reasonable amount of time. This allows you to check this item off of your list and move forward. In contrast, if you are trying to clean your gutters on your own, you will likely have several other obligations that slow you down and make completing the task very difficult.

To hire a professional to clean your gutters today, visit us at Patriot Services.

Make Christmas Light Installation Merry: Don’t DIY

There are a few rare trailblazers who go all-out on Christmas light installation and spend six months preparing, buying, hanging — and more hanging to get a showcase look. For those of us who are more on the practical side but still want an awe-inspiring display, hiring a professional is the way to go!

Make Christmas Light Installation Merry: Don't DIY


It may seem like a simple thing to hang some Christmas lights at great heights, but unless you’re a professional roofer, there’s significant danger involved. From becoming light-headed and unsteady to back, neck, and shoulder pains, hanging Christmas lights can be hazardous business.


Exterior Christmas lights aren’t cheap, no matter how they’re installed, but do you have the right equipment on hand to install them? You’ll need a really tall ladder, and depending on where you want the lights installed, possibly different types of ladders. You’ll also need a quality staple gun, or some way to install the lights without damaging the exterior of your house. Plus, if you think you can get away with cheap push pins, you may have to reconsider where you want to hang your lights!


If you’re really fast, you might be able to install Christmas lights at the rate of one minute per linear foot. How many linear feet are we talking here? In other words, unless you’re willing to devote at least an entire day or two (or three) to installing lights, hiring a professional is far less time-consuming.


You’ve seen it before: overly ambitious Christmas-light DIY-ers who dreamed big and ended-up with a chaotic, dissected rainbow of a mess. Think Christmas Lights Gone Wrong. That’s because what you think you see isn’t always what you wind-up doing — or what you get — when it comes to detailed light installation. Professionals, on the other hand, have done this kind of thing before.

Let us help you turn your Christmas light vision into reality. Contact us today for quality, safe, and professional service.

Brighten Your Holidays with a Christmas Light Installation

Holiday lighting is a great way to make this holiday season feel merrier. In fact, installing Christmas lights may have even more impact this year because some of your usual activities have probably been restricted. Let us help you brighten your holidays with a beautiful custom light installation that’s also easy and affordable.

Brighten Your Holidays with a Christmas Light Installation

Do It for Yourself:

You and your family may be spending more time at home this holiday season. Festive Christmas lights can make your celebrations more exciting and help you to stay hopeful. Brightening up your surroundings encourages a positive outlook. Your family will be able to enjoy all the fun things you can do together at home from baking cookies to watching your favorite Christmas movies.

Do It for Your Neighbors:

We’ll all be better off if we can find ways to spread good cheer around our neighborhoods this Christmas. Each time your neighbors walk or drive by, they’ll get a happy greeting from your holiday lights. It’s the kind thing to do, especially for people at higher risk who have to stay close to home, and for children who often have a harder time understanding that current conditions are temporary.

All this holiday cheer is safe, convenient, and affordable too. We’ll talk with you to decide on a lighting design perfect for your home, and then we do all the work. We even come back to take your lights down and store them until next year. You also enjoy a discount on decorating and maintenance after the first year because your lights will be paid off.

This may be a busy season for holiday lighting, so contact us today at Patriot Services in the DFW area to book a date. The sooner we get started, the better we can work together to plan a Christmas light installation that you and your neighbors will love.