Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Modern professional window washing doesn’t resemble the old newspaper-and-detergent method. The most modern method uses purified water to scrub off the grime of the window and then to rinse the window off. Using this method has some advantages. Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Leaves No Spots

Tap water, even filtered tap water, has minerals in it. What type of minerals and how much of each kind your tap water has depends on where you get your water. Most water has calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are famous for collecting on tubs and pipes as limescale. Silica, selenium, and potassium could also be in your local tap water. These minerals can leave little streaks and spots on glass windows. A rinse with tap water would leave a thin film of salts on the surface which can make windows look less clean. This is especially true of places with hard water.

Purified water has had all these minerals removed so it leaves nothing behind when it is used to rinse your windows. Your glass is left spot-free.

Dissolves All Impurities

Water dissolves just about everything, and pure water dissolves even more. It breaks up salts and dirt that might have kicked up from streets. When it is combined with specialized abrasive scrubbers, the purified water method knocks off anything that you want off your window without the need for detergents.

Easy On Paint And Plants

Pure water is nothing but water so it is safe for all surfaces. It won’t leave spots on car paint. There isn’t any risk that soap will land in the flower bed. You can hire your professional cleaner without worry when the professional uses purified water.

The purified water window washing method is a great choice for making your windows squeaky clean, and hiring a professional to use it ensures that your windows get that streak-free shine everybody loves. Fortunately, Patriot Services has specialized in window cleaning since 2015 and has a lot of practice using purified water. So if you feel that your windows could use the purified water treatment, contact us.