The Need for Window Cleaning is Crystal Clear

Whether you own a business, a home, or both, proper window washing goes beyond a squeegee or the right bottle of cleaner. While we can agree that dirty windows are unsightly, there are other reasons to have your windows cleaned regularly and by a professional. The need for window cleaning is crystal clear.

The Need for Window Cleaning is Crystal Clear


Dirty windows cost your business money. Especially with the rise of online shopping, the need for clean windows is higher than ever. Customers can’t see your display through smudges, fingerprints, and exterior grime, not to mention the impression this leaves about your business. Clean windows, along with a tidy environment in general, also improve employee morale.


Not only do clean windows allow you to enjoy the view outside your home, but leaving dirt and debris on your windows for too long actually shortens their lifespan. Over time, the build-up weakens the glass, and some substances such as sap and bark cause small pits or indentations. Cleaning your home’s windows regularly also keep insects out of window channels. Dead insects can build up in those places, making the windows harder to open and unsafe in an emergency. Additionally, frequent cleaning keeps pests such wasps from taking up residence there.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Windows should be cleaned no less than once every two months. If you live in a forest, especially during pollen season, or in a city, which is subject to dust and pollution, it’s best to wash them every month. Discuss your needs with a professional to establish the best window-cleaning schedule for your home or business. Keep in mind that regular cleanings are easier and more cost-efficient than waiting to do a yearly scrub down.

DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

It’s time to ditch that paper towel and bottle of ammonia-based cleaner. Especially on the exterior, this usually only pushes the dirt around, leaving you with streaky glass and a sore arm. A professional window cleaning service uses effective, industry-standard products and equipment which leave windows crystal clear and don’t damage glass or panes. After all, windows are an investment and it matters who you’re entrusting with their care. Patriot Services uses a purified water system and glass-safe, abrasive scrubbers which don’t leave any spots or streaks behind. If you have a two-story home or multi-floor business, paying someone else to climb a ladder or scaffold is well worth it for the peace of mind alone. Window cleaning is a tough and physically demanding job, and hiring a professional ensures it will be done properly and safely.

At Patriot Services, your windows are in good hands. Give us a call today and let us shine for you!

Window Cleaning – Get Ready for the Spring and Summer Seasons

Spring is the perfect time to think about preparing the exterior of one’s home for spring and summer parties, including events such as high school and college graduation parties, a child’s birthday party or perhaps just a casual get together for family members and friends. Of course, after a long winter of chilly temperatures, a home’s exterior often looks a little neglected. Since warmer temperatures typically means family schedules become even more busy, it can be quite challenging for a homeowner to find the time to take care of all those outdoor chores begging for attention.

Window Cleaning - Get Ready for the Spring and Summer Seasons


Why Spring?

Spring is always a great time to spruce up the exterior of a home. It’s probably been at least several months since residents have even taken a walk around their home, so they may not be aware of the less than ideal appearance of their home. During the winter season, dirt, leaves, and other types of grime had plenty of time to creep into all the crevices around windows, and the local birds may have left several “presents” on both the glass and other surfaces of the windows.

Spring is also a good time to clean up a home’s exterior since it is just prior to the premiere time for family outdoor events — when homeowners are inviting guests over for a variety of special parties and other outdoor activities. For many busy homeowners, the party and/or event planning itself is enough to fill their plate, leaving no time for outdoor cleaning and preparation.

Why Patriot Services?

We clean all of a home’s exterior window surfaces so homeowners can focus on the activities that are most important to them — like planning an outdoor party for their child’s first birthday, a college graduation, or a Memorial Day bash. No matter how high or how large the window, we make sure it is cleaned thoroughly and is free of spots when we are finished.

If you need help getting ready for your family’s outdoor events this year, we can help! Please contact us today to set up an appointment.

Why Keep Your Windows Clean?

If you were, for example, to have a monster truck driving in front of your window every day splattering it with mud, the reason to keep a clean window would probably be pretty apparent. Windows are the doorway for your eyes to the outside world. Even when you can’t be outside, you can look through a window and remember it is there and waiting for you. Furthermore, they invite precious light into your home to chase away that depressing drear.

Why Keep Your Windows Clean?

However, the primary reason to keep clean windows isn’t actually just for aesthetics. That is really just a bonus. In fact, window cleaning serves a valuable purpose. It doesn’t take much for very temporary dirt to transform into very permanent scratches. Dirt and other contaminants are often abrasive in texture. As such, with a little wind and movement, that dirt will leave permanent scratches on the window. The more dirt, the more risk of damage. So in essence, the reason to clean your windows is not just because it looks nicer, but because it is a regular maintenance task that you need to do to keep your home looking great. Failing to do this task is probably going to burn you in the future as restoring windows that are very scratched can be much more expensive.

The bad news is that cleaning windows is tedious work, but the good news is that you don’t actually have to be the one doing it. Like many home maintenance tasks, window cleaning can be parceled out to professional services that will do a great job and do it quickly so your afternoon is left free. If you have a home with dirty windows and are starting to form some concern about scratches, contact us today. Patriot Services can make sure every window, even those pesky second story ones are left clean and scratch-free.

Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Modern professional window washing doesn’t resemble the old newspaper-and-detergent method. The most modern method uses purified water to scrub off the grime of the window and then to rinse the window off. Using this method has some advantages. Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Leaves No Spots

Tap water, even filtered tap water, has minerals in it. What type of minerals and how much of each kind your tap water has depends on where you get your water. Most water has calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are famous for collecting on tubs and pipes as limescale. Silica, selenium, and potassium could also be in your local tap water. These minerals can leave little streaks and spots on glass windows. A rinse with tap water would leave a thin film of salts on the surface which can make windows look less clean. This is especially true of places with hard water.

Purified water has had all these minerals removed so it leaves nothing behind when it is used to rinse your windows. Your glass is left spot-free.

Dissolves All Impurities

Water dissolves just about everything, and pure water dissolves even more. It breaks up salts and dirt that might have kicked up from streets. When it is combined with specialized abrasive scrubbers, the purified water method knocks off anything that you want off your window without the need for detergents.

Easy On Paint And Plants

Pure water is nothing but water so it is safe for all surfaces. It won’t leave spots on car paint. There isn’t any risk that soap will land in the flower bed. You can hire your professional cleaner without worry when the professional uses purified water.

The purified water window washing method is a great choice for making your windows squeaky clean, and hiring a professional to use it ensures that your windows get that streak-free shine everybody loves. Fortunately, Patriot Services has specialized in window cleaning since 2015 and has a lot of practice using purified water. So if you feel that your windows could use the purified water treatment, contact us.

Why Leave Window Cleaning to a Professional Service?

Of all the house services you can hire a professional company to take care of, many don’t consider doing so for window cleaning. It is one of those tasks that people believe you can’t really do wrong, and so they may opt to do it themselves. However, after a few rounds of window cleaning, homeowners soon learn that there are a lot of benefits to having a window professional service come out instead.

Why Leave Window Cleaning to a Professional Service?

  • It Saves Time – The weekends are supposed to be your days to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, while window cleaning seems like a few hours of time investment, depending on the size of your home, it can very well turn into an all-day affair.
  • It Is Safer – Single story houses are very safe when it comes to window cleaning. However, things are more complicated for two-story or more homes. Windows high up require ladders and while professional window cleaning services use ladders every day, you probably aren’t so accustomed to it.
  • You Get a Better Clean – Window cleaners have specially made tools and specially made cleaners for your windows compared to what the normal consumer buys for the job. This means no spots or streaks left behind on the windows. It is a professional’s job to leave pristine windows behind.
  • You’re Protected – If you damage a window while cleaning it, your homeowner’s insurance will help cover the damage. However, if you get hurt doing it, then things can be a little trickier. A professional window cleaner not only has insurance to help cover damages, but they will have the proper licensing for an even higher level of protection and quality assurance.

If your windows are in need of a solid clean, and you have finally decided to leave it to the professionals, contact us today. Not only can the staff at Patriot Services take care of your windows, but we can power wash your home and clean your gutters as well for a fully beautiful exterior.