Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaner

At Patriot Services, we understand that the quality of your home or business helps in defining the quality of the owner. Taking care of the investment that you have worked hard to own is a sign of integrity and commitment, and we embody those same characteristics as a company. Patriot Services is dedicated to providing our residential and commercial customers with honest and reliable services, and we can be counted on to bring ultimate customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are designed to bring a new level of shine to your home or commercial business by utilizing the newest technology in window cleaning. We use a purified water system to clean windows, leaving them spot free. Our process includes scrubbing with an abrasive scrubber which is considered very safe for windows, and then brushing the windows with our pure water brush. The next and final step is a pure water rinse. This methodical combination works perfectly in creating a brilliantly clean and reflective surface.

We know how important it is to have windows that you can clearly see through, for both aesthetics and practicality, and our cleaning crew is committed to making every job a success. We will treat your property as though it were our own and take the time to make sure that every pane is being thoroughly cleaned, not cutting any corners along the way. We also remove commercial lettering from windows, which is a huge time saver for the busy business owner who has much more important things to do than scrape around on windows.

After your first cleaning, we offer a discount to have your windows maintained on a yearly basis. This ensures that you will be getting quality services at a great price and truly enjoying your property without having to take the time and effort to scrub the windows yourself. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our cleaning and maintenance services. We look forward to working with you!

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