Why Keep Your Windows Clean?

If you were, for example, to have a monster truck driving in front of your window every day splattering it with mud, the reason to keep a clean window would probably be pretty apparent. Windows are the doorway for your eyes to the outside world. Even when you can’t be outside, you can look through a window and remember it is there and waiting for you. Furthermore, they invite precious light into your home to chase away that depressing drear.

Why Keep Your Windows Clean?

However, the primary reason to keep clean windows isn’t actually just for aesthetics. That is really just a bonus. In fact, window cleaning serves a valuable purpose. It doesn’t take much for very temporary dirt to transform into very permanent scratches. Dirt and other contaminants are often abrasive in texture. As such, with a little wind and movement, that dirt will leave permanent scratches on the window. The more dirt, the more risk of damage. So in essence, the reason to clean your windows is not just because it looks nicer, but because it is a regular maintenance task that you need to do to keep your home looking great. Failing to do this task is probably going to burn you in the future as restoring windows that are very scratched can be much more expensive.

The bad news is that cleaning windows is tedious work, but the good news is that you don’t actually have to be the one doing it. Like many home maintenance tasks, window cleaning can be parceled out to professional services that will do a great job and do it quickly so your afternoon is left free. If you have a home with dirty windows and are starting to form some concern about scratches, contact us today. Patriot Services can make sure every window, even those pesky second story ones are left clean and scratch-free.