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Start Off Your Fall Cleaning with a Soft Wash

Fall is right around the corner. Even though it’s still hot outside, it’s time to start cleaning your home’s exterior and clearing away all of the leaves, pollen, and debris from the spring and summer. One of the best ways to deep clean your home’s exterior in preparation for fall and winter is with pressure washing. Here are three reasons why you should hire a professional instead of adding it to your to-do list:

Start Off Your Fall Cleaning with a Soft Wash

1. Different surfaces need different pressures and different cleaning agents.

Hard surfaces like concrete and brick can handle a lot of pressure. Depending on how much your driveway has absorbed the rubber and road chemicals from your cars’ tires, they might need that high level of pressure to get clean. But grout lines and siding are more fragile. Using the same pressure can make them crack or crumble. Your roof is even more vulnerable and needs soft washing techniques to keep the shingles sealed and in place. Professionals can methodically clean your home’s exterior from top to bottom without either damaging softer surfaces or leaving hard surfaces partially dirty.

2. Precision matters.

The different surfaces on your home’s exterior need different pressure levels to really get cleaned. But those different materials are right next to each other: your garage door’s weatherstripping is right next to the driveway, the roof line is right up against the gutters, and your garden beds touch the edge of the sidewalk. Trained professionals can clean all of these different surfaces without accidentally cutting into a fragile surface. They can also ensure every surface gets cleaned right up to the edge instead of leaving the edges with a gradual gray fade-out.

3. Heights can be hard to reach.

There’s a lot of pushback on even the best pressure washing tools you can find in big box stores. Climbing a ladder and turning on the pressure washer wand is incredibly dangerous. But the force weakens over distance, so pressure washing from the ground can leave the siding splotchy or grayed out.

Contact Patriot Services today to schedule an appointment for a soft wash. We can pressure wash your home’s exterior to make it ready for the fall and holiday season.

How to Avoid Damage While Power Washing Your Concrete

Power washing is a great way to clean the concrete surfaces around the exterior of your home. Oil spills from your car and other types of grime penetrate the surface of driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. They leave undesirable stains that can typically be removed with a proper power washing. How to avoid damage while power washing your concrete should be the next concern.

How to Avoid Damage While Power Washing Your Concrete

Can power washing damage your concrete?

If a power washer is used correctly and the concrete around the exterior of your property is in decent condition, then it should not damage your concrete. Although power washing seems straightforward, several factors could affect how it should be done to avoid damage.

What you can do to avoid damaging your concrete surfaces

It is best not to power wash new surfaces. With new concrete, it will need time to bind before it is strong enough to handle a heavy power washing. Older, low density or damaged surfaces could get ruined by a power washer because it is easy for water to get between the cracks. It is essential to use the correct power washer in these situations to make sure that you don’t ruin your concrete.

What type of power washer should you use?

Power washers come in different strengths, which are measured by pounds per square inch (PSI). A washer with a high PSI has a lot of power and should only be used on good quality concrete, while a lower PSI machine is suitable for when there may be issues. It is important to read the instruction that comes with the device because the PSI level of your washer affects how close to the ground you are supposed to hold it.

Power washing often requires the work of a professional. Patriot Services has been providing professional power washing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area for several years. Feel free to contact us for an estimate so we can help beautify the exterior of your home.

Unexpected Effects of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

When you neglect having your gutters cleaned, there are a few things you can expect. You can expect it to not look great. You can expect water to overflow from the gutters, causing roof and other home damage. You can expect your drain spouts to become clogged up and rust after being full of wet debris. However, there are some unexpected effects of not cleaning your gutters.

Unexpected Effects of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

Increase in Pests

When your gutters are dirty, it provides the optimal moist, warm environment for pests to breed.  Not only will you probably see an increase of mosquitoes and other bugs near your home, but because the moisture will degrade your roof, other pests like mice or carpenters ants may find a way inside your walls.


Damp gutters attract pest, but they also attract other bacteria as well. If left long enough, mold and algae will begin to form. It essentially creates a barrier of allergens that skirts your home. A nice day on the patio can turn into a fit of wheezing for those most sensitive to the presence of mold.

It Could Void Your Home Warranty

You may not realize it, but a lot of home warranties have specific stipulations that you have to clean your gutter regularly for the warranty to be valid for roof repairs. As a roof can be quite the expense, you not only want to take care of it, but will want that warranty if you do actually manifest a problem with it.

While these are lesser know effects, all the known effects of putting off gutter cleaning are reason enough to have it done. If you have dirty gutters, but hate cleaning them yourself, contact us today. Patriot Services can help you make sure this dirty, but necessary job is done quickly to keep your home safe and sturdy.

How Long Does Pressure Washing A Home Take?

You have a busy schedule, and as such, you need to be able to work appointments into it. Pressure washing a home should be one of those appointments. It not only makes your home look great, but it can help keep it healthy as well. Unfortunately, the time it takes to pressure wash your home will vary. A solid pressure washing company can give you an accurate estimate, but there are factors that can help you anticipate the time. How Long Does Pressure Washing A Home Take?

How Long Does Pressure Washing A Home Take?

Size of Your Home

Obviously a 1,000 square foot home can be pressure washed much faster than a two-story 4,000 square foot home. There is just more surface area that needs to be done. Furthermore, if a home has more than one story, the technician may need to get ladders out in order to reach certain areas. This takes time.

How Dirty Is Your Home?

If your home hasn’t been pressure washed in 20 years, for example, it will take much longer to get it clean. This is why pressure washing companies can’t honestly say that ever five square feet can take five minutes. It also depends on how much dirt needs to be removed from those five square feet. The longer that mildew and dirt has been on your siding, the tougher it can be to wash away.

Environmental Factors

Every single home is unique in its own way. Every home has landscaping in different places and architecture can vary. Environmental factors that can add onto time include:

  • Type of siding on a home
  • Areas of heavy soiling like algae growth
  • Difficult to reach areas of siding
  • Trees or tall landscaping located near the home

All the above will add on time, but the best answer to this question is to talk to a pressure washing company. They will give you a solid estimate on how long pressure washing a home take. If your home needs pressure washing services, contact us today to see what Patriot Services can do for you.

The Need for Window Cleaning is Crystal Clear

Whether you own a business, a home, or both, proper window washing goes beyond a squeegee or the right bottle of cleaner. While we can agree that dirty windows are unsightly, there are other reasons to have your windows cleaned regularly and by a professional. The need for window cleaning is crystal clear.

The Need for Window Cleaning is Crystal Clear


Dirty windows cost your business money. Especially with the rise of online shopping, the need for clean windows is higher than ever. Customers can’t see your display through smudges, fingerprints, and exterior grime, not to mention the impression this leaves about your business. Clean windows, along with a tidy environment in general, also improve employee morale.


Not only do clean windows allow you to enjoy the view outside your home, but leaving dirt and debris on your windows for too long actually shortens their lifespan. Over time, the build-up weakens the glass, and some substances such as sap and bark cause small pits or indentations. Cleaning your home’s windows regularly also keep insects out of window channels. Dead insects can build up in those places, making the windows harder to open and unsafe in an emergency. Additionally, frequent cleaning keeps pests such wasps from taking up residence there.

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

Windows should be cleaned no less than once every two months. If you live in a forest, especially during pollen season, or in a city, which is subject to dust and pollution, it’s best to wash them every month. Discuss your needs with a professional to establish the best window-cleaning schedule for your home or business. Keep in mind that regular cleanings are easier and more cost-efficient than waiting to do a yearly scrub down.

DIY Versus Hiring a Professional

It’s time to ditch that paper towel and bottle of ammonia-based cleaner. Especially on the exterior, this usually only pushes the dirt around, leaving you with streaky glass and a sore arm. A professional window cleaning service uses effective, industry-standard products and equipment which leave windows crystal clear and don’t damage glass or panes. After all, windows are an investment and it matters who you’re entrusting with their care. Patriot Services uses a purified water system and glass-safe, abrasive scrubbers which don’t leave any spots or streaks behind. If you have a two-story home or multi-floor business, paying someone else to climb a ladder or scaffold is well worth it for the peace of mind alone. Window cleaning is a tough and physically demanding job, and hiring a professional ensures it will be done properly and safely.

At Patriot Services, your windows are in good hands. Give us a call today and let us shine for you!

Do You Have to Be Home During Power Washing?

Maybe you’d like to have power washing done on your home, but you’re not sure how to work it into your schedule. Our soft washing technique is designed to clean your home without any damage from excess pressure so you can feel secure going to work or taking care of other responsibilities on the day of service. All you need to do is take a few simple precautions, and then come home and enjoy your freshly cleaned home.

Do You Have to Be Home During Power Washing?

Doors and Windows:

Double check any opening where water could get through. That includes securely closing and locking your doors and windows, and letting us know about any leaks.

Pets and Plants:

Our cleaning products won’t cause any chemical damage to plants, animals or people. However, you’ll want to remove any potted plants from the area where we’ll be working. Landscape plants can be watered or covered with plastic. If your pets will be at home, keep them inside and away from doors and windows to minimize any stress. This may be a good day for doggie day care if you know your dog tends to get anxious around strangers or noise.

Other Objects and Devices:

Inspect the area for anything that should not be exposed to water and the assorted debris that will be getting cleaned off the outer surfaces of your house. Move your things out of the way or cover them carefully with plastic if they’re fixed in place. Be sure to clear your driveway too. Put electrical devices and fragile porch decorations in the garage for the day. Roll up your rugs and take down your door wreath. Unplug electrical cords and cover up the outlets.

Contact us at Patriot Services if you’re interested in power washing and other services for your home or business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Read our testimonials and see why we’ve earned more than 200 five star reviews.

How Clean Gutters Prevent Expensive Water Damage

How Clean Gutters Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Cleaning out your gutters is an easy task to forget for every homeowner, but if you continue to let them fill, it will have expensive consequences. Keeping clean gutters is a way to primarily prevent water damage to your home. As your gutter continue to fill up with leaves, sticks, and other debris, any bit of rain will see that debris swept towards the downspout.

Unfortunately, debris isn’t often easily flushed out the downspout, but instead forms a clog. Once this happens, the water will find other ways to get out. It will build up in your gutters and spill over the sides. This is where your problems begin. If water is overflowing over your gutters, it causes problems like:

  • The water that overflows from your gutters is being dropped straight on your foundation. This can cause basement flooding or damage to your slab over time, especially during particularly wet years.
  • Overflowing water often gets on to your soffit and fascia. The soffit will often have small holes to help get air to your attic, which will let water in. The fascia, which can be made from wood or vinyl, is prone to rotting or mold growth.
  • If your gutters are hung particularly tight to the roof, it can also invite water right under your shingles, promoting wood rot and roof damage.

Fortunately, gutter cleaning need not be a major pain point in your life. If you don’t want to climb up a ladder and scrap leaves out of your gutter every season, why not have someone else do it? If your gutter needs cleaned, but you don’t want to be the one to do it, contact us today. The professionals at Patriot Services are skilled in making homes look beautiful, and we are no strangers to dealing with overflowing gutters.

Pressure Washing: Should You Choose Hot Water or Cold Water?

Anyone that has ever washed a dish, washed clothes, or even taken a shower will know that when it comes to the temperature of water that is best for the job, hot water is the way to go. However, most people imagine pressure washing as a cold water only sort of affair. This isn’t the case. In fact, if you are looking for a pressure washing service, one that offers hot water pressure washing is usually an indicator of a good service.

Pressure Washing: Should You Choose Hot Water or Cold Water?

In many cases, cold water can get the job done with pressure washing. Combined with a detergent, it can remove many stains, but like with washing your dishes, hot water gets the job done better. The molecules in hot water move faster, and as such, collide with stains more often. This makes them better at dissolving and breaking down everything from dirt to oil compared to cold water.

It is not that cold water cannot remove these stains, but it will often take a higher pressure to remove stains like oil whereas hot water can do it faster and with less pressure. Hot water also comes with a few extra benefits including being a natural sanitization method. This means it not only removes unwanted stains like algae and mold, but it will actually kill the spores. What this ultimately means for your home is that it will often stay cleaner for longer compared to cold washes. Of course, this is really only a benefit form buildings that have frequent mold or algae problems. Buildings will still get dirty from ambient dirt blowing in the air.

Many homeowners don’t realize that a hot water pressure washing is even an option. However, if we have piqued your interest, contact us today. Our services can help your home or business look as good as new again.

Why Schedule Regular Pressure Washing For Your Business?

Dirt, dust, cobwebs, bird droppings, mold, algae, exhaust – If you own commercial property, your buildings are at risk for all these harsh elements and many more. Not only do these contaminants affect how your building looks, but eventually, if left unchecked, exposure to these elements will degrade the exterior to the point where it needs more than a simple cleaning. However, this can all be prevented with regular pressure washing, but what exactly does it have to offer to your commercial building?

Why Schedule Regular Pressure Washing For Your Business?

Maintain The Property Value

You may not have any plans for selling your commercial property now, but there will come a day when you might want to. While you may still find buyers for a badly aged building, people will pay much more for a building that has seen its fair share of maintenance and still looks great despite its age. Pressure washing slows down the degradation of a building’s exterior and keeps to looking better for longer.

Increases Aesthetics

If someone could put the same building side by side and pressure wash one regularly while letting the other be at the full mercy of the environment, the difference would be shocking. Even just minor cobwebs can affect the exterior appearance in a major way.

Create a Healthy Environment

Not only do external contaminants look bad, they aren’t great for your health either. Bird droppings can carry diseases, mold can be toxic, and general grime is attractive to insects and other invaders. By engaging in regular commercial pressure washing, you can control these contaminants to keep your building workers and the customers that visit there healthier.

Are you a building owner and sick of trying to clean the exterior with ineffective and outdated methods? Contact us today to see what the power of pressure washing can do to help your building maintenance.

The Perks of Hiring a Professional to do Your Window Cleaning

Window cleaning seems like a simple enough task that anyone can do it, so why would you bother hiring a professional cleaner to do it for you? It turns out that there are plenty of good reasons why hiring a professional to clean your windows is a great idea, for both residential and commercial properties. And in this post, we will take a look at a couple of the biggest perks of hiring the pros.

The Perks of Hiring a Professional to do Your Window Cleaning

  1. They Have The Right Cleaning Products: Just as a hair stylist has high end beauty products that you wouldn’t find in your cabinet at home, so too does a professional cleaner have cleaning products that you might not necessarily have at your commercial building or home property. And those cleaning products are designed to provide the highest quality window cleaning possible. If you want windows that not only won’t streak after cleaning, but remain cleaner and clearer for longer, opt for a professional commercial cleaner who is armed with the right gear.
  2. They Are Helping You Improve Your Brand Identity: If you run a business and own or rent commercial property, running a company doesn’t give you a lot of free time. And it is highly unlikely that you have the time of day to think about how clean your windows are when there are more pressing matters at hand. However, the truth is that the appearance and cleanliness of your windows plays a role in the way the public perceives your professional image. The level of cleanliness also affects the strength of your brand identity. If you want a company image that exudes pristine cleanliness, hire a professional cleaner who will be able to routinely clean your windows when you don’t have the time.
  3. Clean, Clear Windows Make Your Home More Beautiful: Although you may be able to clean your windows in your home without the help of a professional, the truth is the final result won’t look as flawless. Additionally, cleaning all the windows in your home can end up taking several hours. And if you’re doing that on a regular basis, that’s a lot of time accumulated that could be spent on other things (like hanging out with the family). By investing in professional window cleaning for your home, you can enjoy a beautiful home and have enough free time to spend with loved ones.

For more information, give us a call today to learn more about all of our window cleaning and maintenance services.