What Happens if You Don’t Clean Out Your Gutters?

Leaves, twigs, seeds, dead insects and other debris often accumulate in rain gutters. It’s easy to overlook them until serious problems develop. Be sure to clean out your gutters to avoid these consequences:

What Happens if You Don't Clean Out Your Gutters?

1. The detritus will prevent troughs from drying out in the sun, so they might grow mold. This substance is unsightly and difficult to remove. Clogged gutters can also promote indoor mold growth.

2. Troughs will overflow when it rains, and the excess water may find its way into your home. A variety of problems could result from this. For example, the roof might leak and stain or destroy ceiling tiles.

3. Neglected guttering has the potential to create ice dams. Water may freeze at the edge of your roof because it can’t enter the clogged troughs. This often triggers shingle damage and further leakage.

4. Rainwater might run down the side of the house. Frequent exposure to excessive moisture will cause siding, window frames, decks and doors to rot. Exterior paint could also decay prematurely.

5. Overflowing water may harm your home’s foundation and flood the basement. If it freezes, it might create harmful cracks. Some homeowners have to spend thousands of dollars on foundation repairs.

6. Wild animals or insects might build nests in the clogged troughs. Ants, bees and rodents have been known to inhabit guttering when it provides them with shelter, food, water and easy access to your house.

7. The weight of an overloaded gutter can cause it to collapse and fall to the ground. This may damage brackets, windows, siding, doors or light fixtures. The troughs could also break in the process.

If you’d like to avoid these negative outcomes but prefer to forgo messy, dangerous tasks, hire a gutter-cleaning professional. If you’d like help to clean out your gutters, please contact us today for further details!