Gutter Cleaning as a Way to Increase Curb Appeal

While a seemingly inconsequential part of a house’s exterior, the gutters are one of the first things that someone sees when they pull up in front of your house, whether they realize it or not. If you installed uncomplimentary colored gutters for your home’s paint job, you better believe people will notice. However, if the gutters look nice, most people won’t even notice them. If you are trying to sell a home, this is typically what you want.

Gutter Cleaning as a Way to Increase Curb Appeal

However, among the many things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your house, having the gutters cleaned doesn’t really rank high among them. After all, most people don’t check for clogged gutters when looking around. The reality of the fact is, it isn’t clogs you really need to worry about, it is discoloration.

Over time, gutters can become filled with mold and algae, typically due to not cleaning them often enough. As time goes on, a process called electrostatic bonding occurs. This means the mold and algae embed in the aluminum surface, leaving behind black streaks. The good news is that if you spot this process early on, it can be rectified during the gutter cleaning process by your pressure washing company. However, if you let those black streaks sit, they can become a permanent – and ugly – feature on your gutter work.

While anyone can get up on a ladder with a bucket and some gloves to clean out those gutters, it is important to remember that there is more than just removing the debris within the gutters. You really do have to actually clean away mold and mildew within or risk it leeching outwards onto the gutter exterior, or worse, onto your roof. If you are considering having your gutters cleaned, contact us today to see what Patriot Services can do for you.

‘Tis The Season: Tangled Lights And Shaky Ladders

It seems that just when the Christmas lights have been taken down and shoved into a box for next year, it’s time to drag them back out again. The serene glow in crisp winter air is comforting, building the anticipation of Christmas as shop owners and neighbors decorate. It’s easy to understand why hours are spent planning and untangling, nailing and hanging. The end product, even if imperfect, is worthy of a cup of hot cocoa and admiration. When it comes to your holiday lighting needs, how will you get the job done?

'Tis The Season: Tangled Lights And Shaky Ladders

Unfortunately it’s one more item on an already full to-do list and the planning alone is time-consuming. Finding supplies and the ideal decorations can take as much time as putting them up. The idea of it is often more enjoyable than the process itself!

It can also be a dangerous pursuit. Climbing on ladders with an armful of supplies and getting to hard-to-reach areas means that falls are at the top of the list when it comes to holiday-related injuries (yes, it’s a thing).

Using Patriot Services to handle those details will mean less stress and more free time to enjoy the season. The process is affordable and hassle-free, from the first meeting to decide on the display to the removal after the holidays. Commercial grade products are custom-fit for each home, and a discount is offered after the first year.

Every home and business has unique features and landscaping that make decorating a creative process. Using a company that sees it as such will mean an eye-catching and impressive display. Take advantage of the opportunity and have gutters cleaned and the house power washed, leaving no room for worry as the temperatures get cool. Maintaining a home can be difficult but with a little help, weekend side projects actually get done, keeping it in good condition. For more information,  contact us.

Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Modern professional window washing doesn’t resemble the old newspaper-and-detergent method. The most modern method uses purified water to scrub off the grime of the window and then to rinse the window off. Using this method has some advantages. Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Purified Water: A Must For A Spotless Window

Leaves No Spots

Tap water, even filtered tap water, has minerals in it. What type of minerals and how much of each kind your tap water has depends on where you get your water. Most water has calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which are famous for collecting on tubs and pipes as limescale. Silica, selenium, and potassium could also be in your local tap water. These minerals can leave little streaks and spots on glass windows. A rinse with tap water would leave a thin film of salts on the surface which can make windows look less clean. This is especially true of places with hard water.

Purified water has had all these minerals removed so it leaves nothing behind when it is used to rinse your windows. Your glass is left spot-free.

Dissolves All Impurities

Water dissolves just about everything, and pure water dissolves even more. It breaks up salts and dirt that might have kicked up from streets. When it is combined with specialized abrasive scrubbers, the purified water method knocks off anything that you want off your window without the need for detergents.

Easy On Paint And Plants

Pure water is nothing but water so it is safe for all surfaces. It won’t leave spots on car paint. There isn’t any risk that soap will land in the flower bed. You can hire your professional cleaner without worry when the professional uses purified water.

The purified water window washing method is a great choice for making your windows squeaky clean, and hiring a professional to use it ensures that your windows get that streak-free shine everybody loves. Fortunately, Patriot Services has specialized in window cleaning since 2015 and has a lot of practice using purified water. So if you feel that your windows could use the purified water treatment, contact us.

Will Residential Pressure Washing Damage My Home’s Exterior?

It doesn’t matter what sort of weather you have, as you live in your home, you might start to notice that your exterior loses some of its luster. Wind and water promote dirt and mold to cling on any exterior surface and it needs to be somewhat regularly washed away to keep that exterior looking nice. When it comes to cleaning the outside of the home, the fastest and most efficient way is to pressure wash it. However, this is not a task you want to add to your DIY checklist.

Will Residential Pressure Washing Damage My Home's Exterior?

Pressure washing, traditionally, uses high pressured water to blast away dirt and mold from any surface. However, high pressure water with too much pressure can strip away paint and otherwise cause wear or damage to other exteriors. The true benefit of choosing a professional pressure washing service to clean your home is they use a technique called “soft” washing.

Soft washing lowers the water pressure traditionally used by pressure washing and instead adds a cleaning agent to the water. In effect, this prevents any paint stripping or exterior damage from the pressure washing process and actually makes the water more effective at removing dirt and mold particles. Furthermore, because a technician doesn’t have to direct a high pressured stream of water at every square inch to clean the exterior, soft washing makes the cleaning process go more quickly. The cleaning agent safely dissolves dirt and mold before harmlessly being washed away, leaving behind picture perfect results and not harming any landscaping either.

If your home isn’t looking as nice as it once was, you would be shocked what a difference a soft wash cleaning can do. If you are in need of residential pressure washing, contact us today to see what Patriot Services can do for you. We can make sure your home’s exterior gets cleaned quickly and is done the right way.

Why Hire Commercial Pressure Washing Services for Your Business?

Your business’s exterior leaves a first impression on your employees and customers. This is why it’s essential to keep it looking clean and professional. But as a business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to efficiently clean your commercial property. Why hire commercial pressure washing services for your business?

Why Hire Commercial Pressure Washing Services for Your Business?

By hiring a commercial pressure washing company, you can continue running your business while a professional makes it look spotless. The following are just some of the many benefits of ordering these types of services.


As a business owner, you may be concerned that exterior cleaning will disturb your clients or customers. When you leave pressure washing to the pros, you can expect the job to be done as quickly as possible. They can also work around your schedule, washing your business at a convenient time.


Commercial pressure washers are committed to quality. You can expect your storefront and sidewalk to be spotless once they are finished with the job. This exemplary service will reflect on your business, putting your best face forward to new customers.


When it comes to any type of exterior repair and cleaning, it’s always best to hire an expert. In the case of pressure washing, you can trust that the professional will finish the job without environmental or structural damage.


You know that it takes integrity to run a business, and this is what you can expect from expert pressure washers. Since they will provide professional work, you can retain a professional image for your business. You can also expect a high level of customer service from these experts.

Ongoing Results

When you find a pressure washing company you can trust, you can form a working relationship and hire them for your future cleaning needs. This allows ongoing results and consistent communication as your business grows.

Professional pressure washing services can take your business to the next level, presenting your commercial property’s most polished image to customers. For more information on pressure washing services, contact Patriot Services today. Our commitment to quality and customer service has made us an industry leader you can rely on.

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Not everyone knows the anatomy of their roof, and for the most part, that’s just fine. However, knowing how your roof protects your home is crucial when it comes time to have it cleaned. Over time, your roof is exposed to the brunt of your local weather. It can manifest moss growth or streaks of mold or algae from water exposure. The good news is that this is easily cleaned away. However, you need to be careful. If it safe to pressure wash clean your roof?

The easiest way of cleaning a roof is to have it pressure washed. However, while anyone can rent a pressure washer, you don’t actually want to clean a roof with straight water pressure. The issue with using water pressure is that if you do it from the ground, you are essentially just shooting water up under the shingles. This can cause roof damage and does little to actually clean it. Furthermore, if you hit the shingles directly with a pressured stream of water, you run the risk of cleaning off the protective ceramic granules on the shingles. This protects the asphalt from the sun and without them, your roof has a shorter lifespan.

Instead, you will want to look into a professional roof cleaning service. Instead of using high water pressure, the professionals will use a pressure washing technique called soft washing. Using this technique, they use a much lower pressure washing stream on the roof. The water is also mixed with a environmentally-safe detergent that will remove mold, algae, dirt, and moss from your roof faster and more safely than a high pressured stream. It is not only more effective, but there is almost no risk to your roof, no matter if you use shingles or other materials such as tile.

If your roof is looking a little shabby and needs a solid cleaning, contact us today to see what we can do to make it look beautiful again.

When to Clean Your Gutters?

Every homeowner should know that gutters need to be cleaned, but few actually know how often they should do it. The easy answer to when to clean your gutters is whenever your house needs it, but every home is in unique conditions. This means that when your neighbor needs to clean their gutters may not be the time you need to clean yours.

When to Clean Your Gutters?

For most homes, gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year, once in the fall from the leaves and once in the spring from the various blossoming and shedding plant matter. These are the two seasons with enough debris as well as a need for good drainage because of the increased chance for rain. It is also crucial to prevent clogs for the winter months when water can so easily freeze into ice if left to sit, damaging gutters, roofing, and everything in between.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that will definitely increase your need to have a gutter cleaning done, primary among them is trees. You may enjoy trees in your yard, but if they overhang on your roof, it leads to a need for more frequent gutter cleaning. Maple trees, in particular, are difficult to live with. You may note that they shed particulate in the spring, summer, and fall in various forms, easily clogging the gutters as they get larger. This means that you may need to have the gutters cleaned more often or be forced to deal with clogs.

If your gutters are in need of cleaning, and you don’t look forward to the prospect of having to mount an unsteady ladder and grasp the gross mysteries hiding in your gutter work, why not contact us instead? Patriot Services is a veteran-owned company that certainly isn’t afraid of a few gutter mysteries. We can help get those gutters cleaned out and flowing well today.

Why Leave Window Cleaning to a Professional Service?

Of all the house services you can hire a professional company to take care of, many don’t consider doing so for window cleaning. It is one of those tasks that people believe you can’t really do wrong, and so they may opt to do it themselves. However, after a few rounds of window cleaning, homeowners soon learn that there are a lot of benefits to having a window professional service come out instead.

Why Leave Window Cleaning to a Professional Service?

  • It Saves Time – The weekends are supposed to be your days to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, while window cleaning seems like a few hours of time investment, depending on the size of your home, it can very well turn into an all-day affair.
  • It Is Safer – Single story houses are very safe when it comes to window cleaning. However, things are more complicated for two-story or more homes. Windows high up require ladders and while professional window cleaning services use ladders every day, you probably aren’t so accustomed to it.
  • You Get a Better Clean – Window cleaners have specially made tools and specially made cleaners for your windows compared to what the normal consumer buys for the job. This means no spots or streaks left behind on the windows. It is a professional’s job to leave pristine windows behind.
  • You’re Protected – If you damage a window while cleaning it, your homeowner’s insurance will help cover the damage. However, if you get hurt doing it, then things can be a little trickier. A professional window cleaner not only has insurance to help cover damages, but they will have the proper licensing for an even higher level of protection and quality assurance.

If your windows are in need of a solid clean, and you have finally decided to leave it to the professionals, contact us today. Not only can the staff at Patriot Services take care of your windows, but we can power wash your home and clean your gutters as well for a fully beautiful exterior.

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

Many people don’t realize the importance of gutters on the home and take them for granted until damage occurs. Gutters protect doors, windows, ceilings, foundations and walls from water damage. Additionally, they protect against soil erosion, keep patios and decks decaying and also keep the foundation solid. To ensure the gutters are working at their peak performance, regular maintenance is necessary. Debris such as a leaves, twigs, pine needles, dirt and dust can build up and cause clogs preventing water from freely flowing.

Gutter Cleaning Services  Gutter Cleaning Services

Water Damage

The biggest reason to keep gutters clear is to prevent water damage to the home. The intended purpose of gutters is to move water away from the home and foundation which is the number one cause of structural damage to properties. A clogged gutter will not allow water to channel away from the foundation and over time will cause damage. An unstable home is unsafe so investing in clean gutters is a must.

Landscape Destruction

When a gutter overflows after a particularly strong storm, the water will beat down any soil or plants that line the foundation of the home and could potentially destroy the plants. Additionally gutters that are not maintained will lead to soil erosion as water will beat down the soil and wash it away. When the gutters are clean, the water will drain away from the landscape and away from manicured plants and landscape beds.

Roof Lifespan and Leaks

During cold winter months, snow and ice will build up on the roof and will need to drain away once thawing occurs. Clogged gutters can potentially trap ice and cause a buildup on the roof. Excessive buildup will add weight to the roof and can cause extensive damage. Additionally, clogged gutters will not allow the melted snow and ice to drain away. Keeping the gutters clear will improve the lifespan of the roof and prevent leaks.

If it’s time to clean your gutters, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Damaging Concrete with a Pressure Washer

Many do-it-yourself, handymen, handy-women, and homeowners like the idea of using a pressure washer to clean items or locations outside of their homes. Maybe they have a mildew situation on their exterior walls, or perhaps they would like to clean a brick or cement patio. Whatever the job, in most cases a hiring a pressure washer might just be your best bet.

Damaging Concrete with a Pressure Washer

In most cases a pressure washer is a beneficial tool to have on hand. The only problem with taking on these activities is that many lay people are not trained in choosing the right tip for the washer; knowing which psi is correct for different jobs, and which materials are pressure washer safe. Most people do not realize that a pressure washer if run incorrectly, can damage even concrete.

It is the tip of the nozzle on the hose that determines the angle of the flow. A tighter angle means more water is concentrated in a smaller area. However, this angle may cause abrasion and wear on the material being cleaned. Homeowners, when attempting to remove a stubborn spot or stain, may keep the tip at a concentrated angle which can result in damage to the surface, decreased work speed, and increased streaking.

Another tricky issue is that manufacturers have not chosen a standard marking for the tips used on a pressure washer. It is essential to check the stamping directly on the tip to ensure you are using the correct washing angle.

If your patio or driveway is in a shady area, over time mold and algae will build up over the winter. Surfaces that are older become more porous because of natural wear and tear. This porousness allows for more grime accumulation in a shorter period of time.

It is an excellent idea to call on a professional who can complete the job in a safe and high-quality manner. Contact Patriot Services in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, for assistance in all your pressure washing needs.