Is It Safe To Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Is It Safe To Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Not everyone knows the anatomy of their roof, and for the most part, that’s just fine. However, knowing how your roof protects your home is crucial when it comes time to have it cleaned. Over time, your roof is exposed to the brunt of your local weather. It can manifest moss growth or streaks of mold or algae from water exposure. The good news is that this is easily cleaned away. However, you need to be careful. If it safe to pressure wash clean your roof?

The easiest way of cleaning a roof is to have it pressure washed. However, while anyone can rent a pressure washer, you don’t actually want to clean a roof with straight water pressure. The issue with using water pressure is that if you do it from the ground, you are essentially just shooting water up under the shingles. This can cause roof damage and does little to actually clean it. Furthermore, if you hit the shingles directly with a pressured stream of water, you run the risk of cleaning off the protective ceramic granules on the shingles. This protects the asphalt from the sun and without them, your roof has a shorter lifespan.

Instead, you will want to look into a professional roof cleaning service. Instead of using high water pressure, the professionals will use a pressure washing technique called soft washing. Using this technique, they use a much lower pressure washing stream on the roof. The water is also mixed with a environmentally-safe detergent that will remove mold, algae, dirt, and moss from your roof faster and more safely than a high pressured stream. It is not only more effective, but there is almost no risk to your roof, no matter if you use shingles or other materials such as tile.

If your roof is looking a little shabby and needs a solid cleaning, contact us today to see what we can do to make it look beautiful again.