5 Common Reasons for Window Streaks

Everyone enjoys the look of sparkling clean windows. Even so, getting them to shine without leaving streaks behind is something that’s easier said than done. Here are five reasons you might notice window streaks after cleaning them.

5  Common Reasons for Window Streaks

#1. Washing in direct sun

If the sun is beating down on your windows, this could cause the cleaning solution to evaporate before you get to a certain section. The area where the cleaner has evaporated will be noticeable by its streaks.

#2. Using the wrong tools

Soft cloths, newspaper, and even paper towels are not absorbent enough to prevent streaks. For best results, use a long-handled squeegee with a sponge on one side. Clean your windows first with the sponge then squeegee your windows dry.

#3. Making your own window cleaner

Window cleaner must contain just the right formula if you are to avoid leaving streaks. In particular, vinegar-based solutions are notorious for streaking. If you don’t like the idea of harsh chemicals, use a solution of mild dish soap and water instead.

#4. Not dusting your windows beforehand

If your windows are covered in cobwebs, you will need to remove them with a broom first. Simply spraying the cobwebs and then wiping the window will leave obvious streaks. Likewise, if your windows have a layer of dust, you could benefit from using a chamois cloth to lightly dust them just prior to cleaning.

#5. Not performing touch-up cleanings

Bird droppings, fingerprints, and other spots should be removed from your windows at least weekly. If you do this, you’ll find it easier to achieve streak-free windows when you do clean the entire surface.

These are just a few reasons you may have window streaks despite vigorous cleaning. Of course, if you are looking for streak-free windows, you can always contact us instead. We use professional techniques to ensure your windows are streak free and sparkling clean.