Why Pressure Washing Across Slabs Should be left to the Professionals

Roads and sidewalks accumulate a lot of dirt and oils. Cars, bikes, and even foot traffic leave their mark on the concrete surfaces, and professional pressure washing is often the best way to make the surfaces gleam again. Even though concrete slabs seem relatively simple, it’s important to hire a professional to protect the integrity of the concrete slab’s edges. Here’s why you should leave pressure washing across slabs to the professionals:

Why You Should Leave Pressure Washing Across Slabs to the Professionals

1. Weeds can grow in the cracks and edges.

Dirt and seed can accumulate in the small dips between sidewalk “slabs,” even if the slab is a solid piece and the line is just decorative. Seeds and pollen can also accumulate in real cracks, and weeds will sprout almost overnight. Their root systems put stress on the concrete and can create minute cracks or even movement.

2. Don’t force water under the slab.

If you set a pressure washer along the crack of a slab for too long, it will start to wash away nearby soil. It can also send water shooting under the slab just like with soil that has pulled away from your home’s foundation. That can cause a lot of displacement and instability, especially with Texas’s clay soil.

3. The wrong angle can make the edge crumble.

Pressure washer creates a lot of force, and the sharp, crisp edges of new sidewalks won’t be able to handle sustained pressure. The corners will quickly start to wear away or even develop shallow cracks that cause crumbling. While a clean sidewalk is more important than one without worn edges, hiring a professional gives you both.

4. The expansion joints may need to be softwashed.

The stretchable material that sits between adjacent concrete slabs isn’t as durable as concrete. These surfaces accumulate a lot of dirt, but pressure washing is too much for them. Professionals can switch to softwashing techniques or a lower pressure setting so the whole surface stays clean and undamaged.

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