Gutter Cleaning for Better Health

As a homeowner, gutter cleaning is one of those things you put on your list to do, and then continue to put-off doing. Here’s why you need gutter cleaning for better health.

Gutter Cleaning for Better Health

Molds & Allergens & Diseases

While you might just think harmless leaves are in your gutter, there’s actually pools of stagnant water right next to your roof and your walls. Mold grows all too easily. Even in a teaspoon of water with another teaspoon close by, mold will grow and spread rapidly.

Some molds are relatively harmless, but others are awful for your health, especially your lungs. When water just sits there in your gutter and grows mold, the mold will spread into your house, and you might not know it until years later when it’s seeped through your ceilings and walls to the surface.

Allergens are certainly going to collect in your gutters, especially in the Spring and Summer when pollen collects everywhere it can. Plus, diseases can lie hidden in your gutters when they’re left unclean, which isn’t a good thought for anyone.

Spiders & Insects

Even if you’re not afraid of spiders and insects in your gutters, some of them can bite you, and some of them like to travel into your house, one way or another. Lots of bugs like the conditions of unclean gutters, and mosquitoes love the wet areas.

The cleaner your gutters, the less likely anything is going to want to live in them.

Nests & Infestations

Not only do mold and bugs like stagnant water, leaves, sticks, so do birds and rodents. Sure, the birds might be cute, but the pressure, movement, feces, and other things that come along with them isn’t cute at all.

Rodents such as mice and squirrel may also find refuge in your unclean gutter, and the more they infest, the more likely there are to make their way into your attic or crawl space and find another nest.

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