‘Tis The Season: Tangled Lights And Shaky Ladders

It seems that just when the Christmas lights have been taken down and shoved into a box for next year, it’s time to drag them back out again. The serene glow in crisp winter air is comforting, building the anticipation of Christmas as shop owners and neighbors decorate. It’s easy to understand why hours are spent planning and untangling, nailing and hanging. The end product, even if imperfect, is worthy of a cup of hot cocoa and admiration. When it comes to your holiday lighting needs, how will you get the job done?

'Tis The Season: Tangled Lights And Shaky Ladders

Unfortunately it’s one more item on an already full to-do list and the planning alone is time-consuming. Finding supplies and the ideal decorations can take as much time as putting them up. The idea of it is often more enjoyable than the process itself!

It can also be a dangerous pursuit. Climbing on ladders with an armful of supplies and getting to hard-to-reach areas means that falls are at the top of the list when it comes to holiday-related injuries (yes, it’s a thing).

Using Patriot Services to handle those details will mean less stress and more free time to enjoy the season. The process is affordable and hassle-free, from the first meeting to decide on the display to the removal after the holidays. Commercial grade products are custom-fit for each home, and a discount is offered after the first year.

Every home and business has unique features and landscaping that make decorating a creative process. Using a company that sees it as such will mean an eye-catching and impressive display. Take advantage of the opportunity and have gutters cleaned and the house power washed, leaving no room for worry as the temperatures get cool. Maintaining a home can be difficult but with a little help, weekend side projects actually get done, keeping it in good condition. For more information,  contact us.